Emsley Von Dette: Let’s Talk About Good Vibes

February 2, 2020

author : MTS Team

Everyone has an “awesomeness” according to Emsley. How does she help people unlock it?

category: People

<div>Everyone has an “awesomeness” according to Emsley. How does she help people unlock it? <br/><br/><b>What is your purpose and passion? </b><br/>My purpose is to bring awareness to the benefits of specific sound frequencies and use them to create musical medicine. <br/><br/>My passion is to sing and use the energy of “good vibrations” to activate everyone’s awesomeness, inspire them to manifest miracles, and support them in living the life of their wildest dreams! Music is the vehicle that transports us to paradise. Harmony is the fuel to get there! <br/><br/><b>Who has been your greatest influence? </b>.<br/>Nikola Tesla. He stated, “if you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think of it in terms of vibration, sound frequency, and energy.” This quote changed how I viewed my reality and supported me in understanding the “vibrational universe” and the laws of attraction. <br/></div><img src=""/><span class="article-img-credit" class="width:100%">Sanctuary of Sounds!with Emsley Von Vibe</span><div><b> If you had a magic wand, what are three things you would change in the world? </b><br/>[I would] ensure every being has their bare necessities... food, shelter, and love! [I would] Remove all war, violence, machines, religion, manipulated monetary establishments, corrupt people in power, and other elements that are destroying the earth, [and] uncover the lost knowledge from the city of Atlantis and rebuild the quartz crystal powered civilizations and healing temples that have been whipped out from human history. <br/><br/><b>Tell us a fun fact about yourself. </b><br/>I used to live in Arkansas and go to the mines to dig quartz crystals with my family. I loved to give them as gifts or decorate glass jars with crystal, rhinestones, and polymer clay. <br/><br/><b>Try to describe yourself using only three words. </b><br/>Angelic, vibrant, and muse <br/><br/><b>Why did you join MTS? </b><br/>To connect with the amazingly creative community and open-hearted people of Los Angeles! Everyone at MTS is such a delight to encounter and interact with. Always so much love and good vibes! <br/><br/><b>What has been your most memorable MTS Experience? </b> <br/>Getting to meet with Kevin Hearts’s fashion stylist and get some inside scoop because he’s one of my favorite comedians. I enjoyed hearing her perspective on what it’s like to be a woman working towards success in the celebrity world.<div>

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