Ties Club

Modern men’s accessories

The Challenge

Ties Club wanted to have a shopping mobile app for both platforms iOS & Android. They required a clean, more responsive and more precise user interface, which also allowed them to clearly deliver detailed specifications of their products, which have a certain level of detail. Additionally, they wanted to capture their clients’ attention by getting access to phone features like notifications, better payment options and location.

User Experience

A modern user experience needs to be more than just an interactive screen in order to be effective. It needs to be useful, attractive and ensure end user adoption.

App Design

The client wanted to build their shopping mobile app with a high-end look and feel, but at the same time, they wanted to provide their clients with an intuitive and innovative shopping experience that was as unique as their products. Ties Club main reason to build a shopping mobile app was the challenge there was facing as many e-commerce merchants: cart abandonment!

The Result

The company Average order value (AOV) increased by 13% from mobile devices. With Significant 30% increase in mobile conversion rate, 15% decrease in mobile cart abandonment, 20% increase in overall ROI.