Ties Club is a mobile-first shopping app for menswear based in Los Angeles. The brand is about dressing and shopping smarter. Ties Club provides neckties, skinny ties, bow ties and scarfs with a goal to provide affordable offers and deliver great value.


Ties Club wanted to have a shopping mobile app for both platforms iOS & Android. They required a clean, more responsive and precise user interface, which would have allowed them to clearly deliver detailed specifications of their products.


Ties Club wanted to capture their clients’ attention by getting access to phone features like notifications, better payment options and location.


MTS Development designed the App for both iOS and Android platforms. The apps with the help of phone features like push notification bring Ties Club brand to the lives at their customers’ pockets and reach their customers at the perfect moment.


The company Average order value (AOV) increased by 13% from mobile devices. With Significant 38% increase in mobile conversion rate, 100% more sales from users arriving via push notifications, 15% decrease in mobile cart abandonment, 20% increase in overall ROI.

Ties Club App

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