Mustafa Shaikhly/ CEO & Founder

Mustafa is an entrepreneur, founder & CEO of MTS Development, a tech company in Los Angeles. He has an authentic raw understanding of what it takes to motivate & inspire the leaders of today because of his real experience and background in tech & business. He has passion to help startups grow though the leverage of technology. Loves Technology, Music and Cars!

Susan Albert/ VP of Marketing

Susan is a mobile expert that helps businesses define their mobile vision. Providing a strategic guidelines and best practices to transform that vision into a mobile app experience that elevates the brand & better connects business with their customers.

Karin Sebelin/ Content Marketing Manager

Karin combines savvy writing and communication skills with creativity, design, strategy and entrepreneurial experience in her role as editor, communications consultant, cross-cultural leadership and branding expert. She’s an author of two German children’s books and of an English book about trust.

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