Supply Chain Management

Omni channel supply chain
management software

Have a real-time view of your business and improve buying decision-process

Purchase from Anywhere, Deliver Anywhere

Supporting omni channel commerce is a must have to your brand today. The ability to both replenish stores and direct ship to consumer is a phenomenal feature that can create lifetime customers. In addition to sales growth and increase revenue, the new commerce approach yields a range of benefits, including consumer insight, more loyal customer and competitive differentiation. However, the traditional way is no longer fit for purpose. New agile approach that plans for the future and always set you ahead is what you need. A system that focuses on the real need of consumer and leverage advanced analytics platform. Our commerce solution will help you to achieve that.

Omni Channel Supply Chain Capabilities

Drive End-to-End Visibility of The Entire Procurement Process

Having a single core system that manages and monitors the entire purchase to delivery process is an added value to your chain. It eliminates unnecessary transactions that waste time and money. Omni channel represents the biggest growth opportunity for merchants. This means the SCM needs a complete visibility across channels, along with a unified view of the purchase to delivery process.

Reduce Warehouse Costs

“Top supply chain priorities: 51% of surveyed execs cited reducing total costs, 51% of surveyed execs cited reducing lead times”
Source: Study on SCM Challenges

Minimize Warehousing Expenses

Understand your customers and minimize warehousing costs by reducing storage, maximize product value and deliver what your customers asking for. The key is to embed a continuous improvement mindset to keep up with fast-changing technology platforms and behaviors. With the proper planning for supply chain needs of the future, not today, you will always stay ahead because, otherwise you will continue to be behind.

Integrated and efficient procurement process

To manage the procurement process and supply base efficiently and effectively, an organization needs to manage internal operations and identify opportunities sourcing management.
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Eliminate extra steps and optimize transactions.

Introducing and leveraging appropriate technology and systems that help to reduce time and identify key performance areas.
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MTS Omni Channel Strategy Service

See the full list of services and solutions we offer to help set your business in motion to becoming an omni channel ready business

Maximize Supplier Relationship

Single Platform for Your Entire Omni Channel Supply Chain

Companies must focus on the needs of the future, shortening lead times and further increase the need for responsiveness. Many companies are now offering some form of same-day delivery services. The trend is toward shorter and one of the key to do that is to establish a relationship with your vendors. MTS Procurement Management, enables companies to maximize supplier relationship with integration of all purchasing activities that drive visibility of the entire procurement process and deliver a single platform for your entire supply chain.

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Leverage Supply Chain Optimization

“Top supply change challenges: 48% extended lead times, 42% managing inventory, 38% end-to-end visibility.”
Source / Study on Supply Chain Challenges

End-to-end Solution from vendor to consumer

Enterprises invested in order management and fulfillment process however, there is still a significant potential in optimizing the entire SCM process and have complete solution from vendor to consumer, this will ensure growth and high recourses optimization.

Omni channel has rapidly become the engine of growth in today customer centric environment, but few companies are confident about their ability to execute against it and maintain margins. As the largest driver of cost, Omni channel supply chain has a major role to play in executing a profitable business process and ensure high customer satisfaction.

Atomically receive and validate shipments Supporting the organization’s need for a diverse and globally competitive supply base with automations that carry heavy lifting.
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Improve quality and reduce errors Develop integrated purchasing strategies that support supply options and contingency plans.
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Mobile Ecommerce Platform

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