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Today, we all want more flexibility to do business or shop wherever we choose, whether in the office, at home, or on the road. To capitalize on the benefits of a mobile generation, we need to find out, how to increase sales from the huge mobile traffic that we receive on our websites every day, and we believe the answer is progressive web apps. Let’s see how.
How does Progressive Web Apps help you to boost sales?

Best Web Experience

Progressive web apps, are experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of native apps. They load faster, more responsive and more precise. These are things that collectively let us say that, it just feels better. This amazing user experience helped many businesses to boost sales so dramatically.


Reach your customers even if their web browser is closed. This will help you to bring your business to life in customers’ pockets and reach your customers at the perfect moment. Notification helps you to promote new products and will surprise and delight your customers.

Offline Experience

Providing an offline experience means that people can continue to navigate your web presence even when the network lets them down. This can be an extra incentive for visitors to choose the business with a progressive web app over one that doesn’t.

MTS can help you to increase conversions and boost profitability by offering silky-smooth solutions your customers expect.


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