Social Commerce

Engage Social Communities with
Discounts & Targeted Content

Fully integrated solution that adds social rich features to your commerce

Listen, Engage and Respond to Your Customers

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Ratings, reviews, recommendations, and comments power Q and A-type experiences around products, enabling shoppers and organizations to interact around product features, benefits and use cases and reduce the return rate, by responding to feedbacks and offer a solution in the early stage.

Increase Conversation Rate and Revenue

Social commerce drives conversion among new, engaged visitors

By leveraging social technologies that allow shoppers to discuss product benefits, features and use cases, retailers enable those shoppers to influence each other in the purchase process.

Engaging & Rich Social Features

social marketing software studysocial marketing software study

Source: Study on social commerce impact on consumers

New Horizon to The Shopping Experience

The dramatic shift of customer shopping behaviors and the set of today’s social communications tools made customers more informed and connected than ever before. This opens a new horizon to the shopping experience. Customers are expecting a relevant experience as they are traveling between channels, consistent product information and personalized understanding of their needs.

Reach new audience and increase revenue

Strengthening your social presence and increase opportunities, producing better relationship with your customers.

Listen & work together with your customers

Listen to your customers for a better experience as thet interact & share moments with your brand.

Omni Channel Strategy Service

See the full list of services and solutions we offer to help set your business in motion to becoming an omni channel ready business

Aattract In-Store & Online-Store Visitors

Drive More Visitor to Your Omni-channel Arsenal

By deploying a social, search-optimized content on their sites, retailers organically can increase their search engine page rank and attract in-store and online-store visitors through targeted content and promotions.

Surpassing Customer Expectations

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Targeted Promotion, Coupons & Discounts

Issue promotion, coupons and discounts with ease to the social communities. These types of offers can work in physical and online store. This will encourage your customer to talk about your brand with friends and family and engage with your products and your organizations. Being social driven enterprise will ensure your brand commitment to surpassing customer expectations.

Sale more products to more customers As shoppers have adopted social technologies, merchants have to get benefit of those channels to maximize their revenue

Increase average order value MTS Social Commerce helps you to increase average order value and cut the time to the buying decision.

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