Promotion & Discount Management

Omni Channel Marketing and
Promotional Pricing

Increase conversation rates in-store and off-store.

Targeted Promotions & Personalization

Omni Channel Commerce Solution

Understanding and responding to customer behaviors is the key to today successful Omni-channel commerce. Combing cross-selling and up-selling with intelligent recommendations in real-time will keep your customer longer in-store and online. This will give you a competitive advantage and significant return on investment as well as generate more revenue.

Generate Loyalty That Drive Success

Optimize your commerce channels & boost customer loyalty

Define targeted promotions for a specific customer segmentation that can be applied in-store or/and off-store. Create the stickiness and relationship between your brand and your customers and keep competitors away from your loyal customers.

Complex Pricing Structure

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“95% of consumers look for sales, deals and/or best advertised price before shopping at least some of the time”
Source: Study on Shopper Insights 2012

Enable global pricing structure and discounts

Managing your Omni-channel commerce worldwide offers an exciting opportunities but, also introduce a challenge. Having a unified cross channels experience requires you to speak to the individual customer language. So, it’s essential to have a system that has the capabilities to manage local and global specific pricing structure and ability to set different prices for each and every region.

Personalized Discounts

Free shipping, order amount discounts, mix and match, bulk discounts and limited time percentage discounts.
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Simple & complex pricing structure

Easily create simple and complex pricing structure that can be applied to a specific amount, customer & transaction.
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Omni Channel Strategy Service

See the full list of services and solutions we offer to help set your business in motion to becoming an omni channel ready business

Build and Maintain Awareness Promote value that customers love to share and pin

Maintaining competitiveness is one of the complicated process especially in the industry with a lot of players. Rather than having a onetime buyer, today enterprises are focused on building brand awareness. Fast issuing coupons with different modifiers can achieve maximum effect and one of the key to a successful in-store and off-store selling strategy.

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Grow Your Customer Base

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“80% of shoppers willing to switch brands or switch stores because of a promotion and once they switch from their normal store, they might not come back”
Study on brand/Store Loyalty

Keep Your Company and Brand at the Top of the Consumers’ Mind

MTS Promotion management, is an advance engine that helps to maximize profit and promote brand loyalty by connecting customers with the value of rewards and keep them away from competitors. It automates the pricing strategies that increase conversation rates in-store and off-store.

Increase conversation rates MTS Promotion management automates the pricing strategies that increase conversation rates in-store and off-store.
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Campaigns for specific customers groups MTS Promotion management helps you to promote customer loyalty with campaigns for specific customers groups
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More on how to build and deploy a mobile commerce platform:

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