Product Information Management

Product Information Management Software That
Enriches Omni Channel Experience

Centralize product data and assets management into a single repository

Product Content That Drives Revenue

product management software

Providing cross and up sales for your entire Omni channel commerce environment requires a solution that centralize the product information and enriches your customers experience with every touch to your brand. Providing the personalization and understanding of the customer behaviors and interactions can generate more sale and increase order value.

Manage Multiple Catalogs for Every Subsidiary

Segment-specific repositories with hierarchical catalog structure

Manage multiple catalogs for a specific region or subsidiary, this will allow country specific customization with localization and product edit capabilities, while maintaining the centralization and cross visible functionality from the main headquarter.

Centralize Product Management

“31% of organizations have 20 or more
repositories that cause duplication of content and effort and make it nearly impossible to effectively reuse content for multiple purposes”
Source: Results from Survey

Trusted product information management software that improves efficiency

The product master table is the heart of the commerce business. Inconsistency causes a poor experience and results a big issue when these data are scattered across different systems. The solution is to have end-to-end system that consolidates data into a single repository. This will provide enterprises the relief they need while empowering and enhancing the efficiency to help them compete.

Consistent omni-channel experience

Delight customers by offering a consistent omni channel experience. In-store, online, social and mobile.
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Improve your eCommerce SEO

Improve your eCommerce SEO by providing rich product content for your catalog across all channels.
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Omni Channel Strategy Service

See the full list of services and solutions we offer to help set your business in motion to becoming an omni channel ready business

Accelerate Product Launch Cycle Increase the accuracy across every channel with the right product information management software

Getting new products on the shelves is the number one goal of every enterprise. Having a single and powerful tool that helps accelerate the product launch while helping accuracy across every channel with product information management software, can bring new capability to brands in helping them to unlock a new ability in better helping customers across every channel.

PIM is essential for cross and up selling which is known to increase the average purchase amount. This also will decrease the return rate because, with the accurate content and clean data your return on investment ROI will be faster and achievable because, you will reduce the operation cost and save a lot of indirect investment by creating better and accessible content though every channel.
MTS PIM, provides a collaborative and engaging environment to help the marketer to develop and publish rich customer experience. It lets you achieve this with agility and help you to go to market in hours, not in days or weeks. In above of that it brings you with a 360 degree views and creates a multiple catalogs and hierarchies of categories that deliver across your entire Omni channel environment.

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Empowering & Enhancing Efficiency


“33% of retailers without a PMS indicate that editing the product data regarding one item requires more than 30 minutes, while 71% of those with a PMS say that editing requires 10 minutes or less.”
Source: Study on product data for multichannel commerce

Single repository with real-time view of product details

MTS PIM allows enterprises to centralize product data and assets administration into a single repository with real-time view of product details across every sales channel. Our product information management software, helps enterprises to increase operational efficiency and improve visibility across the entire omni channel environment.

Ensure the consistency of your brand Building a strong brand across all channels needs a centralized hub that ensures a consistent brand message.
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Improve quality and reduce errors MTS PIM increases the accuracy of product information across every channel.
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More on how to build and deploy an omni channel solution:

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