Omni Channel POS System for Retail Store

Flexibility & scalability to meet the requirements of largest retailer’s needs

Magnificent In-Store Experience

Taking fundamentally a different approach to trigger a dynamic in-store experience, MTS Point of Sale allows your employees to engage more with your customers. The solution helps you to adopt a customer centric strategy that brings to your employees the visibility to understand and connect with your customer in your store. Results more personalized and engaging in store experience.

Empower & Extend Your Brand

Ensure a consistent marketing message

Instead of relying on a traditional point of sale software, why you don’t let your retail pos system extends your brand and present your product catalog with entirely new modern way.The approach will ensure a consistent marketing message with every touchpoint to your brand.

Cross Channel Experience

“46% of shoppers will buy more from a retailer that personalize the shopping experience”
Source: eMarketer Study

Deliver a consistent omni channel commerce experience

Delivering a consistent brand messages across the entire Omni channel commerce environment wouldn’t be possible without a centric core that uniquely automates the entire experience. MTS POS system for iPad is a part of an integrated commerce platform designed with the highest degree of flexibility that provides retailers with the tool to stay competitive in the market.

Personalized in store experience Customers are expected to feel important, to get a personalize advises. They expect an extension of the brand they engaged with. Discover how you can accomplish that:
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POS System for Retail

Meet customers expectations Interact directly with your customers & give them unforgettable in-store experience. Need more information?
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MTS Omni Channel Strategy Service

See the full list of services and solutions we offer to help set your business in motion to becoming an omni channel ready business

Empower Your Employees with an amazing POS system

Enrich your business with an Omni channel POS system

Your employees need to understand your customers and be close to them to better serve them. Customers already did their homework before they walk-in into your stores and they expect an extension of the brand they engaged with.

The POS system become part of the Omni channel strategy that should deliver the same brand experience.
Manage business better with connect solutions. The Omni channel era raises the hand to focus on customers and deliver a personalized and relevant experience that matter to them first. Because, consumers are more connected than ever before, they are no longer making the purchase decision at the store, but, they still want to enjoy the experience of in store shopping so, to better serve them and provide them with an amazing experience. Retailers need to empower employees with the tools that make them close to the customers. Handed them with a modern way of doing business with today’s savvy customer.

Powerful & Sophisticated Features

“75% of US retailers believe that developing more engaging in-store customer experience will be critical to their business in the next 5 years”
Soruce: Survey on US Retailers

Deliver rich content in a variety of formats in-store & off-store

Retailers can implement innovative campaigns with multiple transaction discounts and promotional pricing capabilities. Support all the type of tenders with fast and fluid navigation user interface plus sophisticated search capabilities. This will develop an engaging experience that ensures success and maximum order value.

Real-time view of your stores Enable cross stores inventory search with complete information about products with photos and description.
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Maximum flexibility in payment options Accept all types of payments. Cash, credit, gift card, check & apply promotional discounts and coupons .
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More on how to build and deploy a mobile commerce platform:

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