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Bringing your store to the palm of your customer hands means more sales & more revenue. Customers are informed and connected like never before and your products are one click away from their fingertip. However, they expect a consistent omni channel experience everywhere, they demand your product catalog accessible to them with every touch to your brand, in their phone, tablet, social media, search engine, kiosks and in-store.

The Limits of Technology Has Been Raised

Native iOS and Android App mean more conversion

Customers are expecting a better and compelling experience. They expect to find your store anytime, they want to get a daily deals, they want you to understand them and to notify them when it needed. Having your store as a native iOS and android app will empower you to send push notifications, enable store locator and engage with your customer in a whole new way.

Adapt Omni Channel Strategy


“Q2 2014 saw a rapid acceleration to 47% mobile commerce spending – far outpacing the growth of total discretionary retail (+3%) and desktop-based web store (+10%).”
Source: Dept of m-Commerce Measurement

Load up your app with features that makes your business more engaging

There is absolutely no doubt that m-commerce is continuing to dominate the market and become a vital part of the entire omni channel experience. Having your mobile store part of your omni channel strategy means no fragmented software anymore. One catalog that personalized across each and every device.

Cross-channel order fulfillmentAllow your customers to buy from their phones and pick in store, using in-store inventory to fulfill Omni channel orders by enabling them to select a pickup location.
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Single customer profile

Understand your customers to grow your relationship with them by getting a complete 360-degree view across all channels.
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Mobile Commerce Platform

Omni Channel Strategy Service

See the full list of services and solutions we offer to help set your business in motion to becoming an omni channel ready business

Mobile Commerce Platform to Promote Your Business

Refine Your Omni Channel Strategy & Connect The Dots

Of the billion of users on the app stores, today, your app can promote your business to the new level. It is a powerful marketing tool that will increase your brand awareness and will open a new door for existing and new customer to interact with your brand.

What is native app
The term native usually describers the application that builds and writing using the native device operating system code and tools. For example, a native iOS app normally written in either objective C or swift programming language using the apple Xcode development tool while a native Android app written in the Java programming language using the google android studio development tool or eclipse IDE.
From the business and marketing perspective. The functionality and features are richer and compelling to the end user, faster and perform better.
Businesses that choose to invest in a native app recognize the importance of building their brand experience around their customers and deliver the best in breed customer satisfaction.

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“Mobile commerce in the US is expected to grow to $31 Billion by 2016 & $119 Billion worldwide”
Source / Study on m-commerce

Your customers can buy from anywhere and return anywhere

Having your mobile store part of your mobile commerce platform means no fragmented software anymore. One catalog that personalized across each and every device. One order that fulfills from one system. This will enable your customers to buy from anywhere and return anywhere.

Personalize & Engaging Experience Personalize the experience and the journey between your customer and your brand from the first touchpoint.
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Fully device resources utilization A native iOS & android apps will empower you to send push notifications, enable store locator and too many mobile features.
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Mobile Ecommerce Platform

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