Process a Sale

How to process a sale in MTS Retail Point of Sale for iPad

Once you’ve logged in to the MTS Retail Point of Sale for iPad, sale session is initiated and you can add items to it.

Add items to the sale

  1. Add Items from the Checkout form:
    1. From the Home screen, navigate to the Checkout button.
    2. Use barcode scanner to add item to your sale or you can search for item by typing its name or sales code in the search bar.
  2. Add Items from the item view
    1. From the Item View screen, tap on the Add to Cart
    2. If you want to go to the Checkout screen, tap on the Checkout on the top right.

Note: You can recharge gift cards or purchase new ones by adding gift card item to a sale. Learn more

Add customer to the sale

  1. Add customer to the sale from the Checkout form:
    1. On the Checkout button, tap on the add customer icon button, and search for the customer by name, code or phone
    2. Tap on the customer row.
    3. The customer name will be displayed in the Checkout form.Note: You can add brand new customer, by tapping on the + button on the customer search screen.
  2. Add customer from the Customer Search form
    1. From the Customer Search screen, search for customer by typing its name, code or phone.
    2. Tap on the Add to Order.

Complete the sale

Once you’ve added all items to the sale, you can either Apply Discounts/ Coupon or Process Payment