POS Mode & Manager Mode

Difference between POS Mode & POS Manager Mode

In MTS Retain Point of Sale, there are two modes: the POS mode & the POS Manager mode. Users can access each mode, depending on the permissions/ role assigned to them in the MTS Retail Back-Office.

POS Mode: Used to process basic items navigation, sales and refunds, gift card recharge and balance check, search for customers and add new customer. Users with POS mode can only access the registers assigned to the them in MTS Retail Back-Office.

POS Manager Mode: Used to process all the functionality in POS Mode, in addition to view X-Report, Z-Report and Close Shift. User with POS Manager mode can access all registers defined in the MTS Retail Back-office.

Note: To switch from POS Mode to POS Manager Mode, users need to logout and login based on their user access permissions.