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hebe anf kali app

The Challenge

The client wanted to build their shopping mobile app with a high-end look and feel, but at the same time, they wanted to provide their clients with an intuitive and innovative shopping experience. Hebe & Kali’s main reason to build a shopping mobile app was the challenge there was facing as many e-commerce merchants: cart abandonment!

User Experience

Our unique approach to user experience connects design thinking, persona-based visualization techniques and technical knowledge on the Hebe & Kali business strategies and goals. This helps us to create personalized beautiful stories that just worked.


App Design

The design is an integral part of human life, but at the same time, that is not the sphere where people would like to make any additional efforts.
Our team argues for creating a bold design that enhances the user experience is a must, and that’s been our goal when we designed Hebe & Kali.

The Result

The company doubling its conversion rate from mobile devices. Now, 20% of Phone’s users check out with Apple Pay at no additional cost to Hebe & Kali. Mobile sales have now more than quadrupled in less than six months.

hebe anf kali app