shop gadgets smarter

The Challenge

Geekients wanted to simplify and streamline processes for finding great deals, compare prices in real-time, discover gift ideas to celebrate with friends & family, and find tech news and product reviews via a mobile and online app, Prices wasn’t readily available to people except for Google shop which is mainly sponsored. Geekients wanted a way to make process information more accessible so it could ultimately improve people life and help to shop smarter.

User Experience

The client wanted to build their shopping mobile app with a high-end look and feel, but at the same time, they wanted to provide their clients with an intuitive and innovative shopping experience that was as unique as their products. Geekient’s main reason to build a shopping mobile app was the challenge there was facing as many e-commerce merchants: cart abandonment!

App Design

The Geekient app delivers a rich, intuitive experience that’s loaded with features. The app takes the approach of delivering content first, build audience then shop. It delivers daily tech news with fully integrated find technology gadgets from top partners Amazon & BestBuy.

The Result

The Geekients app increased Geekients’s mobile users base and placed them at the forefront of mobile technology shopping industry.