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The New Era of Progressive
Web Apps for Magento

5 years ago, everything needed to be responsive. Well, what’s next? Welcome to the new era of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). An evolution of front-end technologies that enable Magento shop owners to deliver app-like experiences inside the browser. Progressive Web Apps consist of a new palette of technologies such as the web app manifest, home-screen install support, service workers and the app shell. These bridge the gap even more between native and web apps offering new capabilities to web developers to create amazing desktop and mobile experiences for Magento websites. 

Location1409a 3rd Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA
DateJune 8, 2017
7:00 p.m
Mustafa Shaikhly/ Speaker

Mustafa is an entrepreneur, founder & CEO of MTS Development, a tech company in Los Angeles. He has an authentic raw understanding of what it takes to motivate & inspire the leaders of today because of his real experience and background in tech & business. He has passion to help startups grow though the leverage of technology. Loves Technology, Music and Cars!

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The Los Angeles Magento Group is dedicated to sharing knowledge, best practices, development, innovations, and strategies for managing and maintaining an online e-commerce presence using Magento. Inviting all Magento developers, enthusiasts, partners, and professionals in Los Angeles and surrounding area.

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