Deliver amazing online shopping experience
using the best ecommerce platform.

Ensure a consistent message with every touch to your brand

One Core System That Drive the Entire Experience

ecommerce platforms

The e-commerce application is part of our omni channel commerce solution that connects the ecommerce, mobile ecommerce, in-store point of sale, call center to single scalable back-end that drives the entire experience. The result is not only a happy visitor, but, also more engaging visitor that increase profitability which can directly affect the entire business and create a loyal customer.

Personalized Online Shopping Experience

Dynamic & optimized ecommerce platform

Storefront should be dynamic, relevant and optimized based on customer behaviors and interactions. MTS E-Commerce is driven by our recommendation engine that automates and personalizes online shopping by steering customers to related products and maximize customer profitability should. The site gets personalized to respond to changing customer behaviors and preferences. It improves the ability for customers to make faster purchasing decision.

Successful Online Selling

best ecommerce platform

“7/10 online shoppers prefer to shop with their favorite retailers online”
Source: Study on what consumers want during shopping experience

Search That Drive Revenue and Remarkable Results

One of the key elements of successful online selling, is customers can get optimal products and accurate search results based on their search criteria. This will increase the conversion rate and ensure maximum revenue. MTS E-Commerce features an advanced search function for sophisticated product and content searches that delivers personalized search results.

Maximizes Visitor’s Effectiveness Personalized product recommendations and optimization including highly relevant cross-sell offers.
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Consistent brand message Ensure a consistent message with every touch to your brand through an omni-channel commerce solution.
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Omni Channel Strategy Service

See the full list of services and solutions we offer to help set your business in motion to becoming an omni channel ready business

Scalable & Flexible eCommerce Platform

Eliminate the complexity of site expansion

Easily create a new website, expand internationally and designed site for different campaign purposes. The solution removes the complexities of site expansion and management, with multi sites, multi languages, multi-currency, enabling business users to create new properties with prebuilt, reusable components that can be shared between sites and touch points.

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Build a Robust Web Presence

best ecommerce platform

“84% of online shoppers say user-generated content has an influence on what they buy”
Source/ Research on purchasing decisions.

Dynamic front-end system and a scalable back-end infrastructure

Having your mobile store part of your mobile commerce platform means no fragmented software anymore. One catalog that personalized across each and every device. One order that fulfills from one system. This will enable your customers to buy from anywhere and return anywhere.

Multi sites, multi languages, multi-currency Easily create relevant and personalized contect for every customer around the world.
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Simple web content management Simplify the designing process and minimize the cost for storefront development.
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More on how to build and deploy a mobile commerce platform:

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