Omni Channel Commerce Solution
for B2B & B2C

Rich and engaging experience across all channels.

Rich & Engaging experience

Omni channel experience that connects your physical stores to web, social media & mobile apps

MTS Commerce Platform is a unified and complete, omni channel solution. It’s more mobile and more social with a rich and engaging experience across all channels. From the first touchpoint, it creates a relationship between your customer buying journey and your brand.

Omni Channel marketing solution Features

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    Omni channel Commerce

    Centrally manage every customer interaction, deliver a consistent and personalized experience while, enhancing your fulfillment capabilities.

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    Mobile First Store

    Of the billion of users on the app stores today, your mobile app can promote your business to a brand new level.

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    Cross-channel fulfillment

    The demand for same day delivery or estimated time of product arrival has become part of today’s competitive business environment.

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    End-to-End Solution

    Mobile app, social activities, mobile pos, web store, call center, and back-office into End-to-End solution that ensure your growth.

Omni channel Commerce Solution

Shoppers are more connected than ever.

Shoppers are expecting a seamless experience with every touchpoint to your brand. MTS Commerce Platform provides customer-centric shopping experience that empowers customers expectations. It enables engagement and customer fulfillment for both B2C and B2B.

Our platform is a unified and complete, omni channel commerce solution that seamlessly connect your physical retail stores to web stores, social media and your mobile applications. It is more mobile, more social and the only true omni channel commerce solution that allows a rich and engaging experience across touch points. From the first touchpoint, itcreates a relationship between your customer buying journey and your brand. Our retail POS offers the flexibility and scalability to meet the requirements of largest retailer’s needs. Designed from the ground up to drive retail growth, streamline operations and create an experience for every sale. Our Product Content Management allows enterprises to centralize product data and assets management into a single repository with real-time view of product details across every sales touch point. The results trusted product information that increase operational efficiency and improve visibility.To have a real-time view of your business and improve buying decision-making requires an effective procurement management solution that automates the entire purchase to delivery process and creates a relationship that drive revenue and success with every transaction.To meet the demand and expectation of customers today. To turn them into a customer for life.

B2C Commerce B2B Commerce

It is more mobile, more social Mobile commerce is continuing to dominate the market

The convenience of delivering a native iOS and android app of your store to your customers means that people are more likely to choose your brand over any other. Customers are interesting in interacting with brands using phones and tablets.

The dramatic shift of customer shopping behaviors and the set of today’s social communications tools made customers more informed and connected than ever before. This opens a new horizon to the shopping experience. Customers are expecting a relevant experience as they are traveling between your stores, consistent product information and
personalized understanding of their needs.

Customer satisfaction is the primary driver behind our platform

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product management tools

Scalable Technology
Maximum availability and high performance

Growth requires a robust foundation, a system that responds to rapid business changes, MTS platform is a high scalable solution built on a robust infrastructure that scale as your business grows. It allows multi-sites, multi-region and can be adapted with your business model. With clustering and loading balancing, we ensure maximum availability and high performance.

how multi channel fulfillment works

Take advantage of our scalable architecture in the new mobile and web world.

How it works

multi channel fulfillment

Cross-channel Fulfillment

multi channel fulfillment

“Enabling fulfillment from stores has been a huge advantage for our business. It cuts shipping costs by 18% while driving up our revenue by 20%”
Operations manager, books/media retailer

All different types of fulfillment scenarios of buying

Cross-channel order fulfillment is the heart of true omni channel solution. Our order management module allows all different types of fulfillment scenarios of buying online or from mobile app and pickup in-store. This will respond quickly to customers demands by allowing them to leverage the ease of online shopping and the engagement of in-store experience.

Order Management

Having single integrate system that captures orders from the entire omni channel environment can introduce a new level of excellence to the brand value. Discover how you can accomplish that:
Order Managment Solution
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Supply Chain Management

Understand your customers and minimize warehousing costs by reducing storage and maximize product value and deliver what your customers asking for. Need more information?
Supply Chain Solution
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More on how to build and deploy an omni channel commerce solution:

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