Besties Kitchen

Cook with love!

The Challenge

Besties Kitchen is a place for delicious, easy and  healthy recipes. The client wants to provides an easy way for users to collect & save their favorite recipes for quick access anywhere. Beside the recipe section, Besties Kitchen provides its fans with exclusive deals for homeware

User Experience

To provide a seamless shopping experience, Besties Kitchen implemented Apple Pay to be a simple and secure way for payment. This feature helps Besties Kitchen to integrate the shop to be part of the cooking experience.

App Design

The client wanted to build their shopping mobile app with a high-end look and feel, but at the same time, they wanted to provide their clients with an intuitive and innovative shopping experience that was as unique as their products. Besties Kitchen’s main reason to build a shopping mobile app was the challenge there was facing as many e-commerce merchants: cart abandonment!

The Result

High-quality content and products cannot be delivered without high-quality experience. that’s what the end result helped to achieve. A significant 42% increase in mobile conversion rate, 9.6% increase in interaction rate. It puts Besties Kitchen on a whole new level of engagement.