Besties Kitchen is a place for delicious, easy and healthy recipes. The company offers through its online portfolios (Web & Apps) easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes with instructions.


The client wants to provide an easy way for users to collect & save their favorite recipes for quick access anywhere. Beside the recipe section.


The client wanted to give their users the opportunity to browse thousands of recipes, save their favorites, making cooking fun, easy, and educational . With social features that allow users to share recipes and suggest tips on how to add something special to their dishes


The Besties kitchen app delivers a rich, intuitive experience to read and share recipes. The app takes the approach of delivering content first, build audience then shop. The shop is easy to navigate with Apple Pay integrated to maximize conversion rate.


High-quality content and products cannot be delivered without high-quality experience. That’s what the end result helped to achieve. A significant 42% increase in mobile conversion rate, 9.6% increase in interaction rate.

Besties Kitchen App

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