Significantly increase revenue and provide opportunity to scale more

Gain competitive advantages of buyer centric strategy

Today B2B buyers expected the same omni channel experience they receive as consumer.

While extending B2B traditional selling with a new multi-channel environment provides new sales tools to significantly increase revenue and provide opportunity to scale more easily than traditional selling strategy however, adapting omni channel commerce requires from you to fully integrate all systems in the ecosystems which mean more cost and in best scenario, these desperate systems will not harmonically connected to each other.

With MTS Platform, you will benefit from the rich and engaging of End-to-End solution. You can fully optimize the order life cycle from quote to cash, manage complex pricing structure and contract negotiation terms.

Omni Channel marketing solution Features

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    Omni Channel Experience

    Deliver Omni channel experience that exceed customers expectation and make it easier for them to do business.

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    Manage B2B Complex Processes

    Enhance lead-to-revenue management capabilities with sophisticated tools to handle the unique requirements of your business.

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    High Performance, Scalable Architecture

    Leverage robust, cost savings architecture and expand in multi-channel, multi-site, multi-currency environment.

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    Leverage Today’s Technology

    Drive the future with a unified solution that enhances business process to enable Omni channel experience.

Omni Channel Experience Deliver Omni channel experience that exceeds buyers expectations

In today B2C commerce revolution, B2B buyers are expecting the same level of personalization and recommendation of omni-channel capabilities. A simple and initiative system that can cut time and improve job efficiency, while maintaining the uniqueness based on their company contract. With MTS B2B Commerce Solutions, B2B sellers can improve the customer experience and overcome the challenges to fulfilling the buyers need, moreover enhance responsiveness and services that help to build their brand.

Advance analytics and segmentation for creating separate and distinct product offering

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Manage B2B Complex Processes

Built-in critical functionalities that serve savvy buyers.

B2B commerce requires certain functionalities and features that can handle the unique requirements of business to business organizations. The need for custom catalog, order approval, set different prices for each customer, request and quote and more made MTS B2B Commerce Solutions the simple choice that inspired by the business need.

B2C Commerce B2B Commerce

Deliver Homogeneous Experienc

“52% of B2B consumers are using smartphones to research products for their businesses, read reviews & compare features”
Source / Business to business Consumer Study

High Performance, scalable architecture with single data repository

Delivering a homogeneous experience that can deliver a real growth and ensure the integration of the data flow across multiple channels requires an integrated system that built to manage a high volume of transactions on a scale to offer a remarkable performance that power day-to-day operations.

Order Management

Having single integrate system that captures orders from the entire omni channel environment can introduce a new level of excellence to the brand value. Discover how you can accomplish that:
Order Managment Solution
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Supply Chain Management

Understand your customers and minimize warehousing costs by reducing storage and maximize product value and deliver what your customers asking for. Need more information?
Supply Chain Solution
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Leverage Today’s Technology
Leverage technology to serve today savvy buyers

B2B product catalogs can be very complex and different for each customer. Instead of predicting what a customer may want, B2B organizations endeavor to surpass customer expectation by offering enhanced search functionality and improved product recommendations with multiple payment options and in order to achieve that, a business to business organization needs an integrated end-to-end solution that streamline process integration.

how multi channel fulfillment works

Take advantage of our scalable architecture in the new mobile and web world.

How it works

multi channel fulfillment

More on how to build and deploy an omni channel commerce solution:

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